About Subsurface Technologies, Inc.

Environmentally Friendly Well Water Services

Subsurface Technologies Incorporated develops and delivers environmentally sound, innovative solutions, for subsurface problems, along with a full range of pump repair, rebuild, service, sales and installation. Formed in 1987 with the development of the highly successful Aqua Freed® CO2 well rehabilitation process, STI has serviced the U.S. and International markets either through its company owned operating division or its authorized providers, serving more than 8,000 wells. Continued research and development yielded highly successful products for preventive well maintenance which drive down long term maintenance costs while stabilizing production and efficiency. STI is the leader in innovative, effective, solutions to your subsurface problems, providing a full range of services to residential, municipal, utility, industrial and environmental markets.

Our technologies increase water quantity and quality, at the source, delivering highly effective, sustainable & green solutions and maintaining that performance with fixed budget pricing. All our products are designed to meet the requirements of large ground water systems; and, are uniquely qualified to efficiently and economically serve the smaller more remote systems. STI’s product portfolio is 100% environmentally sound and has demonstrated its effectiveness worldwide for the past 32 years.