Company Overview & Qualifications

Subsurface Technologies, Inc.

Mission Statement – Subsurface Technologies is devoted to developing and delivering highly effective, environmentally sound solutions to subsurface problems.

Aqua Freed, Inc., predecessor to Subsurface Technologies, Inc. was formed in 1986 to provide specialty well rehabilitation services to the water supply and environmental remediation markets.

Corporate Headquarters: 40 Stone Castle Road, Rock Tavern, NY 12575
Corporate Offices: Marco Island, FL  Rancho Cordova, CA

STI has participated in more than 8,000 well rehabilitation projects, worldwide, during the past 33 years.

  • STI is skilled and capable on all types of vertical line shaft turbine and submersible pumping systems
  • STI’s staff includes groundwater microbiologist and experienced field technicians holding NGWA, as well as multiple state, drilling and pump certifications.
  • STI has and continues to service municipalities, national and multinational industrial clients, Investor Owned Water Utilities and state agencies in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, VA, NC, IA, NV & CA.
  • STI’s standard well service and specialty equipment is “state of the art”.
  • STI is experienced in servicing wells from 2” to 36” in diameter, with depths ranging from 15 to 3000 ft as well as directionally drilled and collector wells.
  • STI is fully insured for all its activities including professional and pollution liability.
  • All STI products are 100% environmentally sound and produce “NO WASTE STREAM.”


Well Rehabilitation:

  • AQUA FREED® liquid-carbon dioxide rehabilitation/development process
  • Chemical rehabilitation applications
  • Horizontal and Collector well development/rehabilitation

Well Development:

  • Mechanical brushing, swabbing and surging
  • Air lift pumping
  • Yield testing (long and short duration step rate pumping tests)
  • Annual well and pump performance checkup program

Preventive Well Maintenance:

  • Aqua Gard® – Permanent installation well maintenance system

Pump Services:

  • Installations and service of submersibles and vertical line shaft turbines
  • Control panels, variable speed drives, power supplies
  • Pitless adapters and well head assemblies
  • Yield testing (long and short duration step rate pumping tests)
  • Annual well and pump performance checkup program

Video Inspections:

  • Color video survey 90º side scan and down hole view

Water Well Asset Management:

  • Lost capacity problems
  • Water well asset management

Well Abandonment