Sustainable Solutions to Maximize Well Performance & Water Quality

We’re Subsurface Technologies

Providing Improved Well Efficiency and Performance From Coast to Coast, While Protecting our Climate and Delivering Sustainable Groundwater Solutions

Subsurface Technologies powers efficient well performance and brings a unique approach to preventive maintenance. Our preventive well maintenance process has been proven to maintain peak production rates and improve energy efficiency. This in turn reduces both pumping energy and long-term maintenance cost.

Instead of the introduction of harsh chemicals, our proprietary and proven technologies use only carbon dioxide to clean the well. Both Aqua Freed® & Aqua Gard® have the added benefit of carbon sequestration, helping mitigate the effects of climate change and giving our clients the added advantage of reducing their carbon footprint.

We proudly staff our team with highly trained field crews and scientists to deliver sustainable solutions for residential, municipal, and industrial systems. Experiencing well or pump problems, lost production and pumping efficiency or declining water quality.

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