Our Mission To Serving Cleaner, Fresher Water

Corporate Responsibility

Since 1987, Subsurface Technologies has always maintained the highest standards in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Responsibility. Providing cleaner water has been the heart of our company and the mission that fuels us. That’s why we believe it’s our duty to offer the most powerful and efficient water well rehabilitation technology such as Aqua Freed and Aqua Gard.

Aqua Freed and Aqua Gard have the added benefit of CUS (Carbon Capture Utilization Sequestration), reducing your carbon footprint & handprint. In 2022, STI engaged a CO2 sequestration specialty consultant to further study the amount of carbon stored in the subsurface resulting from the use of its technologies, thereby reducing carbon footprint and helping mitigate climate change.

As the leader in innovative, effective, solutions to your subsurface problems, we encourage our customers to shift operational practices away from vulnerable and low-efficiency systems, to a truly sustainable path for their groundwater production, reducing energy consumption and water treatment costs.

Environmental Responsibility

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by developing 100% environmentally sound alternative solutions to conventional chemical and acid well cleaning methods. In fact, the principal component of each technology we develop and employ, from well rehabilitation, preventive well maintenance, is they must be environmentally friendly and avoid any waste stream—we were green before green was popular!

Social Responsibility

Employee wellness, health, and safety are considered paramount with all of our associates, especially our field staff team members, who are often exposed to potentially dangerous conditions. We encourage our management and associates to donate personal time, both inside our industry and within our community, to serve on charitable community boards and participate in local and environmental educational events.

Governance Responsibility

We continue to encourage our clients to pursue truly sustainable paths for their groundwater operating systems, promoting conservation, reuse & rehabilitation, along with methods that reduce energy consumption. We strive to work and associate with stakeholders, clients, and vendors in pursuit of expanding our mutual commitment to a like-minded culture.