Aqua Freed® Process

Environmentally Friendly Well Rehabilitation / Restoration

The patented Aqua Freed® process is explained below.

Watch an animated version of the Aqua Freed® process in the video at the bottom of the page.

Step One:
Aqua Freed® personnel study the well data to determine the correct placement of the packer. After the pump is pulled, a packer is inserted to the desired depth to confine and direct the carbon dioxide to the treatment area. Then, gaseous carbon dioxide is injected through the packer into the well, producing a highly abrasive carbonic acid solution and penetrating far into the surrounding formation.

Aqua Freed Process - Phase 1

Step Two:
Liquefied carbon dioxide is injected at various temperatures and pressures. When the liquefied carbon dioxide comes in contact with the water, it expands rapidly, producing tremendous agitation. The continued, controlled injection of the liquefied carbon dioxide produces the energy necessary to detach, dislodge and remove mineral encrustation, biological fouling and physical plugging.

Aqua Freed Process - Phase 2

Step Three:
After treatment with gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide, the well is mechanically developed using surge/airlift methods to remove the newly dislodged particulate matter from the well and formation.

Aqua Freed Process - Phase 3

Step Four:
The well pump is then reinstalled and the well is tested and returned to service, providing an increased supply of water for its intended use.

Aqua Freed Process - Phase 4