Water Well Rehabilitation with Aqua Freed®

Water Well Cleaning & Restoration Technology

Over time, it is very common for water wells to experience lost capacity as well as a variety of water quality problems requiring some form of well rehabilitation. Most of these problems are a result of fouling material becoming deposited on the surfaces (rock surfaces, gravel pack, well screen) in water environments. Once these deposits become significant,  wells and aquifers will experience lost capacity and water quality changes like discoloration, taste and odor problems as well as “unsafe” (Total Coliform Positive) bacterial problems.

It is very common for a well to have years of operation prior to experiencing loss of capacity. With age it is common to see these lost capacity problems frequently. The increased frequency of lost capacity and the need for well cleaning and rehabilitation treatments is due to the incomplete removal of plugging deposits from prior rehabilitation efforts, thereby not maintaining the original pore volume of the gravel pack, well screen, or fractured formation.

Effective water well rehabilitation requires the removal of all deposited material thereby allowing the specific capacity and pore volume to be restored. There are many different strategies and methods used in water well rehabilitation, some successful, others less successful.  The success in using many of the physical and chemical methods is dependant on the user being able to fully identify the plugging material, or combination of plugging material and design a specific chemical treatment to dissolve that material.  This becomes a daunting task due to the variability of the complex geochemical and microbiological underground environment and the reliance of the user to perfectly design a specific chemical combination required to fully remove the plugging, while not effecting well construction.

Aqua Freed® is relatively broad ranging in its ability to effectively disrupt and remove a wide variety of plugging deposits, in a wide variety of well construction types and materials, offering superior deposit removal and more complete pore volume recovery, without adversely effecting well construction.

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