2014 Farm Bill Provides Grant Aid for Use of STI's Technologies

A Letter from Chris Catania - President of Subsurface Technologies, Inc.


All of us familiar with municipal water supply, realize how difficult it has been with the recent economic conditions and infrastructure needs, to make the necessary changes to your groundwater systems required to put them on a sustainable path. At STI we have been working to help your efforts and are pleased to announce some advances we have made in that area.

Section 2207 of the recently passed & signed Farm Bill, titled “Conservation innovation grants and payments” has with it inclusion of the following language:

‘‘(iii) deliver high percentages of applied conservation to address conservation priorities or local, State, regional, or national conservation initiatives; (iv) provide innovation in conservation methods and delivery, including outcome-based performance measures and methods; or (v) provide innovation in the improvement and delivery of water quality or quantity, including outcome-based performance measures and methods.”

This means Congress has ordered the Agency to fund grants and loans for innovative (or green) energy conservation projects. Utilities can now use this provision to apply for funding to cover, or offset, their cost of leveraging our innovative technologies, thereby putting your municipality on a path to lower maintenance & water treatment costs and lower pumping energy costs, while making your groundwater systems sustainable into the future.

Please coordinate through your local field office (https://offices.sc.egov.usda.gov/locator/app) to transform your groundwater systems and take advantage of this new funding offer.

More information on this is available on the USDA website here.

Best regards,

Christopher L. Catania, President
Subsurface Technologies, Inc.