WSJ Article - In Defense of Carbon Dioxide

At Subsurface Technologies, we’re big proponents of the beneficial use of carbon dioxide (food grade). It allows us, through our Aqua Freed process and Aqua Gard preventive maintenance systems, to effectively clean and restore water well production and efficiency in an extremely environmentally friendly way.

Traditionally, well cleaning has required the use of chemicals and acids to dissolve mineral encrustation and biological plugging to rehabilitate the well. These methods were dangerous to handle and produced a chemical waste stream requiring disposal. So, we couldn’t agree more with Mr. Schmitt and Mr. Happer in their recent Wall Street Journal article describing the reasons why carbon dioxide doesn’t deserve its poor reputation.

For our company, carbon dioxide delivers the results our customers want, increasing production and lowering pumping energy costs, while providing a truly “green” sustainable groundwater asset management program with no waste stream. In their article, Schmitt and Happer outline further benefits of carbon dioxide with regard to plant life and demonstrate how CO2 levels show little actual correlation with global warming.

You can read the original article here.